Another Holiday season done and it was the craziest and happiest of times. I don’t lie when I tell you every year gets better and busier. In a recap of three weeks this is what I did.


1. My Tastemade videos debuted on their website. You can see them here.

2. Did two facebook lives for Tastemades Sweeten Page. (This is a big deal for me!)

3. Got flown out to San Fransisco to bake 300 fortune cookies with the help of my chef friend Danielle. We then decorated them with guests for a Holiday party.

4.Hosted a Gingerbread house decorating gig at Makers Mess. (right after spending 16 hours in SF)

5. Baked over 1,000 cookies

6. Celebrated my boyfriends birthday.

7. Got very little sleep.

8. Kicked Ass!!!!


Also, my mom made me some aprons that I am obsessed with! Did you know she taught me how to sew when I was 8 years old :)


I might be missing something, but all of that hard work paid off when I finally got to enjoy some time with my parents and boyfriend for the holidays. Bakers know how crazy the holidays are, but the pay off seems even better when you get to relax. Recap of the year coming soon, because its been such an amazing year and even cooler things are coming!