This year I turned 26 on the 26th and it was the best! I feel like after you turn 21, you just want birthdays to go away, but I genuinely enjoy them. This year was extra special because my mom, brother, and sister in law were here to celebrate with me. I tend to keep my birthdays mellow with my boyfriend and dinner with friends, but this year we had a party! We went roller skating, dressed in 90’s attire, and I made a chocolate chip cake. Remember those Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cakes back in the 90’s? I had to make one! For fun I thought I would share 26 things about me :)


1. I was born in California, but raised in Texas

2. I worked at a bakery when I was 17

3. I drive a Prius

4. I am Guatemalan & Mexican

5. I love babies and kids

6. Going to the movies is my favorite date

7. I have seen Rage Against The Machine four times

8. I love to travel (Paris is my favorite so far)

9. Seattle is my second favorite

10. I love anything chocolate

11. My current obsession is spin class

12. I have four siblings, two are twins

13. I have coffee every morning

14. My closet is filled with mostly black clothes

15. I shower in the morning and evening(quick ones)

16. I am a neat freak

17. I love good music. Ask me for a spotify playlist!

18. I talk to my mom on the phone almost everyday

19. I started my business when I was 22

20. I watched Star Wars for the first time last year. Shhh

21. I wear contacts

22. I once worked on an order for 3 days and only slept 11 hours

23. The Office will forever be my favorite show

24. I enjoy going on hikes

25. I’m 5’2

26. I’m better at art on cookies than paper


Phew that was hard!