This past week we had the best time in Palm Springs celebrating my best friend Sarah's birthday and it was also our one year FRIENDVERSARY(did I just make up that word:D) This trip deserves to be on my cookie blog because her and I actually met because of my cookies! 


Sarah is a photographer and photographed my cookies at a baby shower, tagged me, followed me, I followed her....... not only is she an awesome photographer, but she is also an amazing salsa dancer. One day I posted a video of my mom and I at a salsa club and she messaged me that we should go salsa dancing soon! She invited me to El Floridita in Hollywood the day of her birthday and we just hit it off! Such good energy! We ended up going to my apartment so that she could try my cookies, and now I remember that it was a cactus cookie and a year later we are in Palm Springs! So crazy! The story just gets so much better because now she is dating my brother and we have traveled to such fun places, shared delicious meals, and have had the best of times! 


Heres our impromptu photo shoot :) 


Sarah Block Photography 

Wheeland Photography