The Game of Thrones withdrawals are real! WOW, I can't believe its over, but happy I got to celebrate the last episode with friends and a fun dress up sesh! Our friend Deandre hosted a watch party at the iPic theatre and it was sooo fun seeing everyone dressed up! I was so excited for my best friend Sarah to dress up as Brienne of Tarth! :) FYI, we whipped up these costumes in two hours! These cookies here are cookies I made throughout season 8 along with some fun IGTV videos. 


Now, lets talk season 8! Contrary to what you see on the internet, I actually thought it was good. Of course I would have loved more episodes, it was too soon a goodbye, but the episodes were great! The ending, totally what I wanted, The Starks thriving and alive. Sadly, Daenerys and Jon Snow just couldn't be, but all in all I'm happy I got to experience Game Of Thrones in my lifetime. I can say I was alive when Game of Thrones aired :D Cheers to the best show ever!