This past month has gone by so fast and I have been so busy that I will share it thru cookie pictures!












6.) & 7.)




1) A Cookie decorating party at a baby shower for kids! I LOVE kids, and their creative imaginations!

2) Biggest order of the month. 250 cookies baked, decorated, packed, and shipped to Texas for First American! (I had to bribe my roommate with a glass of wine to help bag these.hehe)

3) A 13 year olds request to bring to his class mates!

4) A Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party for a 30th birthday and baby shower! Favorite cookies of the month.

5) Bow ties for a little boy’s birthday party.

6) Baby “announcement” cookies shipped to Texas!Pictures are overrated, send cookies

.7) Christening cookies shipped to New Jersey, I love white on white!

8) HAPPY ThANKSGIVING!Yes I ate a ton, but did not regret it!